Our Founding & History

For over 35 years, Guiding Light has excelled at helping students reach the most potential they can from their early education. Combined with the help of the timeless inclusive moral teachings of the Christian bible, our school has consistently not only prepared students for general education, but life as well. With constant support from alumni and supportive parents, we believe our methods are time-tested and will continue to be one of the brightest oppournitiest Lake Havasu City can provide for any child.

Picture of Guiding Light Christian Education Center when it first opened Archived News Herald Clipping. Visible text reads: 'Wednesday, June 12 1985 | Christian preschool offers diversity'

Guiding Light has been blessed with oppourtinues to grow our school & expand the program to not only primary schooling, but increase the number of classrooms in hope to accomodate all of Lake Havasu's important early education needs!

children hanging from domed playground equipment A shot of the preschool with the American Flag Swing set, benches, playground sets and other outdoor equipment

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The Education

Kids focusing on their work The core curriculum consists of reading, math, oral language, and science. Additionally, children experience many oppourtunities to learn skills designed to compliment the core curriculum including: art, music, physical activity, Bible study, social developement, computer skills, and foreign languages. We believes in our students developing at their own pace. Despite this, we also feel that it is important that the students understand the grading system that is used to provide preparation for the advancded education beyond GLCEC. Teachers may make curriculum adoptions at any time and grade the students with in the guidelines of those adoptions.

Meet the Front Office!

Shanta Abbott

Executive Administrator
Picture of the Teacher Shanta Abbott

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Nadine Bartels


Picture of the Teacher Nadine Bartels

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Raelene Hanna

Office Administrator
Picture of the Teacher Raelene Hanna

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Sharon Kewish

Administrator Assistant
Picture of the Teacher Raelene Hanna

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Floriana Hanna

The Founding Principal

Picture of the Teacher Floriana Hanna

It is my privilege to welcome you as the founder of Guiding Light Christian Educational Center. My dream began in 1985 when I developed our unique facility. To this day I continue to offer each student a quality education in a spiritual environment. Our program stresses academics in a warm & loving atmosphere giving each of our students a solid foundation to enhance their education. What a joy it is to have my alumni return to Guiding Light with their own children to give them the same loving experience they have learned to love. “Guiding Lake Havasu City’s Children Since 1985”.